Illegal Magic has been selling pretty steadily on Amazon (I know! I'm shocked too!) But the more I read/think about the whole Indie Publishing thing, the more I realize that I really need a better e-cover for my e-book. The cover I made myself wasn't terrible. But it wasn't...good.

So, I hired my friend, Sara, to create a better cover. Sara is amazing - a graphic artist, writer, belly dancer. She's basically a super-cool Renaissance woman. When we talked about the cover, she asked me what I was looking for...and I realized I had no idea. I just knew I wanted something...better.

Sara encouraged me to think about other book covers I like, and before long I had a pretty good idea of the "look" I wanted.

This morning, I emailed Sara a bunch of links to book covers/images, along with some super-vague descriptions of what I liked about them. It was basically the graphic design equivalent of barfing my disjointed ideas all over an email. Less than 4 hours later, Sara sent me an amazing mock up. It took me a whole day to create a mediocre (ok, a totally crap) cover. In less than a morning, Sara created a hip, eye-catching, totally amazing cover. I am SO impressed!!!

I can't wait to see the final product! I suspect a professional-looking cover will give sales an additional boost. People who passed up the book because the cover was amateurish and ugly might be persuaded to buy a book with a snazzy cover. If nothing else, it's a great marketing experiment!