Jeremy Knight has the perfect life. He's popular, athletic, smart, and cool. Everyone loves him. Everything comes easy to him.

Then, without warning Jeremy's friends stop speaking to him, the coach cuts him from the basketball team, his girlfriend dumps him, and his whole life falls apart.

Fortunately, Jeremy's parents have an explanation for what happened to him. Unfortunately, their explanation is so crazy Jeremy can hardly believe it.

When Jeremy was born, his mom and dad hired a wizard to cast a spell and make his life perfect. Now they can no longer make the monthly payments, and Jeremy is ... Charmless.

To reinstate the spell Jeremy will have to face a powerful wizard, a cranky dwarf, two snarky girls, a dorky new best friend, and a hot pink moped. It won't be easy, but it's the only way to get his old life back. Assuming he still wants it, of course.